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    Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Code: B1330 Selection Rank: 98
    Becoming a qualified veterinarian through Murdoch’s internationally accredited Veterinary Science course will enable you to provide the full range of care for animals.
  2. Course

    Doctor of Veterinary Medical Science

    Code: D1061
    This comprehensive research program provides an advanced level of postgraduate study in veterinary science with a high degree of specialisation in a selected area.
  3. Course

    Master of Veterinary Studies in Veterinary Surveillance

    Code: M1121
    This course will provide veterinarians with knowledge and expertise in epidemiology, and in particular, skills needed for disease surveillance, animal health policy development and evaluation, including risk assessment and economic analysis.
  4. Major

    Veterinary Biology

    Code: BH-VET
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your undergraduate Veterinary Biology course.
  5. Course

    Master of Veterinary Clinical Studies

    Code: M1223
    This course provides veterinarians in a residency training program with intense clinical instruction using case material from the Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital.
  6. Course

    Master of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine

    Code: M1122
    If you are a veterinarian looking to gain expertise in Conservation Medicine, this course will provide you with training and knowledge that can be applied in private practice, zoos and wildlife conservation projects.
  7. Course

    Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation

    Code: M1232
    If you are a life science graduate looking to upskill with training in the veterinary aspects of wildlife health, this course will help you devise wildlife conservation solutions that incorporate environmental, human and domestic animal health.
  8. Major

    Animal Science

    Code: MJ-ANS Selection Rank: 70
    In a world with a growing population, how to meet the ever-increasing demand for wholesome and safe food production is a global issue. Learn how technology and new practices are being used to ensure humane and sustainable production as industries
  9. Major

    Animal Health

    Code: MJ-ANH Selection Rank: 70
    Do you want to combine science with your concern for animal welfare? Focusing on domestic animals, production animals, and wildlife, you’ll learn how technology is being used to address the latest issues in animal health.