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    Master of Criminology

    Code: M1314
    Gain a competitive edge and learn specialised knowledge and advanced skills needed to respond to a wide range of tasks in the criminal justice system and the field of criminology. 
  2. Course

    Bachelor of Criminology

    Code: B1345 Selection Rank: 70
    This course could change the way you think about the world. You’ll build your expertise in in the rapidly-developing field of criminology as you learn how to solve and prevent crime.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Code: B1347 Selection Rank: 70
    Explore criminal behaviour, relationships and the inner workings of the human mind as you combine psychology with criminology.
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Science

    Code: B1360 Selection Rank: 70
    Explore the patterns of human behaviour associated with crime, discover how science can be used to help solve crimes and learn a range of forensic techniques such as DNA sequencing.
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Global Security

    Code: B1366 Selection Rank: 70
    This course could lead to an incredible career anywhere in the world. You’ll explore criminal behaviour, the nature of security, legal studies, crime science and how the world is threatened by terrorism.
  6. Course

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Criminology

    Code: B1346 Selection Rank: 90
    Gain a competitive edge in your law career by combining your Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Criminology and explore the role and operation of law in the criminal justice sector.
  7. Course

    Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Communication

    Code: B1362 Selection Rank: 70
    Advance your creative thinking and communication skills as you learn to investigate social problems and crime from a criminal behaviour perspective.
  8. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Criminology

    Code: G1093
    Make a positive impact on society by investigating criminal behaviour, why certain people commit crimes, their motivations and how to prevent it.
  9. Course

    Graduate Certificate in Criminology

    Code: C1161
    Curious as to why people commit crimes and how to prevent it? Learn the foundations of crime and criminal justice, including criminology theory, policy and prevention.