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  2. Master of Applied Psychology (MAppPsych) (Clinical Psychology)
    This course aims to develop psychologists skilled in individual casework who can apply their skills to prevention, research, development, and evaluation at the individual and system levels.
    Code: M1156
  3. Master of Applied Psychology (Professional) (MAppPsych(Professional))
    This course provides a new postgraduate career option for Psychologists in Australia moving toward registration and psychological practice.
    Code: M1238
  4. Graduate Diploma in Asian Language (In-Country) (GradDipAsianLangIn-Country)
    This course is designed for students interested in developing an advanced knowledge of an Asian language, through a program of study at universities in the relevant Asian country.
    Code: G1072
  5. Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice (GradDipAusMigLaw)
    Are you interested in assisting and providing advice to individuals seeking to migrate to Australia?
    Code: G1083
  6. Master of Biosecurity (MBiosec)
    Learn how to combat the growing threat from exotic plant-affecting organisms from the ever-increasing levels of trade and human movement to maintain our agricultural and environmental integrity.
    Code: M1248
  7. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    This course will help you gain the professional and personal skills you need to succeed in a senior management role.
    Code: M1256
  8. Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GradCertBusAdmin)
    The course focuses on the management of organisations and provides the basic analytical tools needed to make sound business decisions.
    Code: C1106
  9. Master of Business Administration (Global) (MBA(Global))
    Learn leading-edge business administration knowledge and skills, with a focus on acquiring industry experience through professional placements, and applied research projects.
    Code: M1279
  10. Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GradCertBusAdmin)
    MasterClass offers high-performing undergraduate students the chance to study concurrently for a postgraduate qualification in business management during their summer and winter term breaks.
    Code: C1115
  11. Master of Business Administration (MBA) + Master of Information Technology (MIT)
    If you’re an IT professional looking to pursue a senior management role, specialise in data science and advance your IT career, this is the program for you.
    Code: M1289