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    SimLab. What is Simlab? Murdoch is proud to be the first university in Australia to offer SimLab. TM. technology, an immersive platform that gives students and pre-service educators the opportunity to experience, practice and improve their teaching
    Endnote. How do I get a copy of Endnote? Endnote is a reference management software that allows you to build and share a library of citations and references. It offers integration with a number of productivity applications, allowing you to insert
    Studiosity. I need assistance with my assignments, what is Studiosity and how can it help me? Studiosity is a study support service provided by our Support for Learning Team and is available for all Murdoch students. There are 2 main
    CUTL FAQs. Where can I get help with my study skills, or find out more about STAT, OnTrack or FlexiTrack? For prospective students wanting to know anything and everything about things such as OnTrack or Flexitack or STAT, the Centre for University
    Census Date. What is a Murdoch Census Date and why is it important? When is the census date? A census date is:. - the last date that you can withdraw from a unit within a particular teaching period without incurring fees or having the unit appear on
    Renewing OSHC. How do I renew my OSHC? If your OSHC expires before the end of your student visa it is your responsibility to ensure you renew your OSHC. You also need to renew your OSHC if you are applying for a visa extension and Confirmation of
    Student Email. How can I access my student email account? Murdoch University provide free email accounts to all students. Student email accounts are provided by Microsoft, and are part of the Office365 suite. Emails sent and received through Office
    Breadth Units. What are Breadth units and must I take them? A student enrolling in or transferring to a  new Bachelor Degree Course must usually complete Breadth Units to graduate. Breadth Units are designed to introduce students to knowledge
    Using AskMurdoch. How do I use AskMurdoch? AskMurdoch is a free text enquiry tool designed to assist you to find the answers you need, when you need them. Simply type into the 'Search by Keyword' box the question (or keyword) that you want more
    SmartRider Card. Can I get a student concession using my Transperth SmartRider? All full-time university students are eligible for a concessional SmartRider card. Transperth, like Centrelink, accepts 9 credit points of enrolment as a full-time load