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    SimLab. What is Simlab? Murdoch is proud to be the first university in Australia to offer SimLab. TM. technology, an immersive platform that gives students and pre-service educators the opportunity to experience, practice and improve their teaching
    SCALES. What is SCALES? Murdoch University runs and supports a community legal centre located in Rockingham specifically for the residents of Rockinhgam and Kwinana. It also offers a state wide service in the area of immigration. The centre is
    Endnote. How do I get a copy of Endnote? Endnote is a reference management software that allows you to build and share a library of citations and references. It offers integration with a number of productivity applications, allowing you to insert
    Launchpad. What is the Launchpad? Launchpad provides a dedicated space where Murdoch students can collaborate and co-create to turn thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions. If you have a new opportunity or challenge in your business that
    Studiosity. I need assistance with my assignments, what is Studiosity and how can it help me? Studiosity is a study support service provided by our Support for Learning Team and is available for all Murdoch students. There are 2 main
    OS-HELP. What is OS-HELP? Am I eligible for OS-HELP? How do I apply for OS-HELP? OS-HELP is a loan available to the eligible students who undertake some of their studies overseas. The loan can be used to help students with a range of expenses such
    Orientation. Do I need to attend Orientation Week? Orientation Week (or "O Week") is designed to welcome and introduce you to Murdoch University and is an important step in your success at university. It's designed forand  International students
    My eQuals. Does Murdoch use My eQuals? My eQuals is a platform which allows secure access to your certified offical transcripts and degree documents. At this point in time, Murdoch University does not use My eQuals, however, we are working close ly
    Census Date. What is a Murdoch Census Date and why is it important? When is the census date? A census date is:. - the last date that you can withdraw from a unit within a particular teaching period without incurring fees or having the unit appear on
    Course Plans. Where can I get help to choose my units? A course plan can be helpful in guiding you through your studies. A limited number of pre-made course plans can be found on the online Handbook under the Course Plans heading. You may find