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    19 Mar 2019: How technology shapes our world
    14 Mar 2019: Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, explore different cultures and add to your CV, all in the name of study! If you’re studying to become a teacher, there are even more reasons you should explore the opportunity.
    26 Feb 2019: Great things happen when you think for yourself
    15 Feb 2019: Stories that celebrate what makes us unique
    10 Dec 2018: Murdoch University is helping to supercharge Western Australia’s food industry.
    19 Mar 2019: Big Data is the all information generated by machines, humans and organisations online. If used properly it can generate valuable insights for better decision-making and has quickly made data science a rapid growth industry worth billions of dollars.
    27 Feb 2019: By students, for students.
    21 Jun 2018: Articles. news. More fish in doesn’t mean more fish out. Releasing fish and prawns from aquaculture into the ocean needs to be monitored and managed to ensure wild populations increase, resources are not wasted and natural populations are not
    14 Mar 2019: Murdoch University has appointed internationally distinguished scholar and experienced academic leader Professor Tracy Taylor as its new Dean of the Murdoch Business School.
    9 Jan 2019: If you've ever struggled to understand the complicated findings and technical jargon in a scientific article - you're not alone. But what if there was a resource that could change the way you understand and interpret scientific information?