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    3 Dec 2019: It’s a wrap! The 2019 Pride Parade is over for another year, with Murdoch’s iconic rainbow deck chairs making a colourful addition to the festivities.
    9 Aug 2019: Unsure what people at uni are talking about? Here’s some common terms you’re likely to come across while studying.
    9 Dec 2019: Phenomics phenome research metabolic spectroscopy Imperial College
    9 Dec 2019: Thinking of making the move to Perth to study at Murdoch? No matter where in the world you're from, these blogs will provide you with what you need to know.
    3 Jul 2019: Wondering how the advances of artificial intelligence might impact your future career? Murdoch alumnus Dr Jeremy Nunn, Founder and Director of Workmetrics shares his views and predictions about the impact of AI on future graduate roles in the workplace.
    16 Oct 2019: How to study effectively and efficiently for your year 12 exams. Achieve a better ATAR with these exam revision tips.
    23 Oct 2019: <p>The university experience begins well before the first step onto campus is taken. The role you play in guiding your teen to the path that&rsquo;s right for them is so important, but we know it can be hard to know where to start. We&rsquo;ve compiled our best advice for parents on how to support your teen through this exciting time.</p>
    26 Feb 2019: <p>They don&rsquo;t accept the status quo; they look at things differently; question; are curious; and most of all, aren&rsquo;t afraid to step away from the crowd. We&rsquo;re all born with our own unique way of thinking &ndash; our Think. It&rsquo;s that initial spark of an idea that, when we get behind it and truly back ourselves, leads us on a journey to discover how free thinking really can change the world. Free thinking is the trigger to innovation and unless we continue to strive to innovate, how
    21 Aug 2019: Learn more about the academics you'll learn from at Murdoch, and the research and industry expertise your teachers have.
    13 Sep 2019: <p>When you use technology to power creative solutions, you&rsquo;ll be able to make a real difference to the economic and social wellbeing of our society. And, our free thinkers have helped do just that. They have addressed some of our biggest issues: they&rsquo;ve helped make our WiFi more reliable, they&rsquo;ve built robots, and they even made apps that improves patients&rsquo; recovery time from strokes.</p> <p>By pushing the boundaries of technology our society is able to work faster, smarter and