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  2. 2 Jun 2020: Unsure what people at uni are talking about? Here’s some common terms you’re likely to come across while studying.
  3. 19 May 2020: <p>The university experience begins well before the first step onto campus is taken. The role you play in guiding your teen to the path that&rsquo;s right for them is so important, but we know it can be hard to know where to start. We&rsquo;ve compiled our best advice for parents on how to support your teen through this exciting time.</p>
  4. 13 May 2020: Learn how to study effectively and efficiently for your exams.
  5. 13 Mar 2020: Whether it’s the start of a new academic year or you’re close to exams, any time is a good time to get organised for university.
  6. 7 Oct 2020: Murdoch researchers on how they’re delivering practical ‘real world’ solutions for the future of food, health and the environment.
  7. 7 Jan 2021: Leaving home and moving into your own place for the first time is exciting but might leave you with a few questions. We’ll help you navigate them.
  8. 29 Oct 2020: Study a gaming focused degree at Murdoch and kickstart your career in this ever evolving, billion-dollar industry.
  9. 21 Jun 2018: Articles. news. International exchange sparks big Broadway dreams. Landing a job on Broadway may have been a lifelong dream, but Murdoch graduate Laura Arcudi achieved it within six months of finishing her Bachelor of Marketing and Media. Laura was
  10. 9 Sep 2016: Articles. news. Opinion: do foreigners have more freedom to invest in Australia than in almost any other country? Prime Minister Turnbull recently stated that “China has more freedom to invest in Australia, indeed all foreigners have more freedom
  11. 28 May 2020: Learn more about the academics you'll learn from at Murdoch, and the research and industry expertise your teachers have.