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  1. Major

    Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

    Code: MJ-AIA Selection Rank: 70
    Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems (AIAS) are transforming many businesses and industries around the world. To participate in this rapid transformation that is occurring, it is important to be able to combine AIAS knowledge with
  2. Course

    Bachelor of Data Analytics

    Code: B1401 Selection Rank: 70
    Future proof your career in a data driven world and discover how raw data can be used to develop insight to drive change in organisations.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Information Technology

    Code: B1390 Selection Rank: 70
    If you love the idea of a career in computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, games and game engine development, virtual and augmented reality or information systems, this is the qualification you need.
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Information Technology and Business

    Code: B1375
    Interested in pursuing a career in the fields of business and information technology? Acquire the skills you’ll need to design innovative analysis systems strategies now in high demand across Australia and internationally.
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Information Technology

    Code: B1398 Selection Rank: 90
    Traditional legal practice has changed. Future proof your education, career opportunities and graduate with a flexible skill set that makes you highly employable in an uncertain future by undertaking a combined Law and IT degree.
  6. Major

    Business Intelligence

    Code: MJ-BI Selection Rank: 70
    Be a part of a growing industry and help businesses transform data into insights that will allow them to make tactical and strategic business decisions.
  7. Major

    Computer Science

    Code: MJ-CMSC Selection Rank: 70
    Computing is part of everything we do. Studying computer science will develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills, helping you to make a real difference to society.
  8. Major

    Cyber Security and Forensics

    Code: MJ-CSF Selection Rank: 70
    The global economy is increasingly dependent on a secure digital environment that protects its users. Are you interested in using your analytical, technical and creative problem solving skills to fight against cybercrime and help secure our
  9. Major

    Games Technology

    Code: MJ-GTEC Selection Rank: 70
    Gaming is now a multi-billion dollar industry. If you’re interested in a degree that equips you with the skills you need to work in this global industry, this is the course for you.