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    17 Oct 2019: We believe the smallest thought or idea has the potential to make the biggest impact if it’s given the right conditions to grow and develop. Launchpad is the platform where free-thinkers can connect, collaborate and co-create to turn thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions.
    17 Oct 2019: The School of Education is recognised locally, nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in its teaching, research and professional services.
    17 Oct 2019: Since the late 1990s thanks to the generous support of our donors over $4 million has been raised to support Veterinary Science at Murdoch University.
    17 Oct 2019: The Senate is the governing body at Murdoch University, responsible for the overall direction and strategic management of the University’s activities.
    17 Oct 2019: Our 5-year Strategic Plan builds upon our strengths, growing Murdoch into a strong, vibrant university community and positioning us to thrive in and make contributions to a modern world.
    17 Oct 2019: Welcome to Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. We're proud to have more than 22,000 students and 2,000 staff from all over the world.
    17 Oct 2019: Partnerships between universities and the communities they serve are vital to understanding and tackling the issues facing our world. The shared expertise at Murdoch is helping to solve some of the world's biggest problems.
    17 Oct 2019: A mixed reality learning environment for teaching preparation and professional learning.
    17 Oct 2019: Murdoch Law School offers its students an intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding educational experience which prepares students for the domestic and international practice of law.
    17 Oct 2019: Locations. Murdoch University spans six campuses across four countries, offering students a diverse range of learning environments. Western Australia. Perth. Our Perth campus features beautiful native bushland, specialised educational and