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  2. Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Psychology
    College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education
    9360 2879
    Unit Coordinator:
    PSY396 - Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience Unit
    PSY412 - Psychology: Fourth Year Seminar Unit
    PSY501 - Psychology: Honours Seminar Unit
    PSY513 - Honours Psychology Skills Unit
    PSY541 - Psychology Project Unit
    PSY599 - Graduate Seminar in Psychology Unit
    staff and student pages for Research Integrity Advisers
    Graduate research students - announcements
  5. 14 Mar 2018: Murdoch University researcher Dr Hakuei Fujiyama has received $50,000 to investigate whether the delivery of small electrical currents to the scalps of older people with mild memory, language and reasoning difficulties can delay the onset of dementia.
  6. 31 Jul 2019: Murdoch University neuroscientists are leading the charge to create high-quality, gender balanced speaker line-ups at scientific conferences. It’s a new way to put a stop to manels – the all-too-common all male speaker line ups at scientific conferences.
    The Accelerated Research Masters with Training is a one-year (36 credit point) research degree that will provide additional choice to students who want to continue their education in research as a pathway to PhD or to upskill for the next stage of their careers.


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