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    College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education

    Academic Operations, Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences

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    Graduate research students - announcements
    Explore the many opportunities available to you through your Honours.
    Our team of environmental researchers draw on decades of industry and academic experience to balance the needs of community, business and biodiversity.
    The Accelerated Research Masters with Training is a one-year (36 credit point) research degree that will provide additional choice to students who want to continue their education in research as a pathway to PhD or to upskill for the next stage of their careers.
  7. 12 Aug 2020: A clinical study will test the effects of a new nasal medication of synthetic cannabidiol to reduce the risk of post-surgical infections.
  8. 24 Nov 2021: Murdoch Professor Geoffrey Coombs, recognised as a world expert in MRSA, discusses the threat of antimicrobial resistance to human and animal health.
    A history of Sir Walter Murdoch Memorial Lecture Series at Murdoch University
  10. 26 Nov 2019: Murdoch University is furthering its research into biosecurity and biological defence with a share of the first-ever defence research grants awarded by the Western Australian government in partnership with Defence Science Technology Group.
    Australia Lecture delivered by: Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton. Murdoch University is twenty-five years old, and Walter Murdoch has been dead for thirty years. ... We'll be needing you, you know." And Coombs went on to serve Fadden and other