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  2. Lecturer in Management
    College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences
    9360 2927
    Academic Chair:  
    C1108 - Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management Course
    G1060 - Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management Course
    M1213 - Master of Human Resources Management Course
    MJ-GBPC - Global Business and Politics Major
    Unit Coordinator:
    BUS226 - Talent Acquisition Unit
    BUS242 - Acquiring Talent Unit
    BUS266 - Integrated Talent Management Unit
    BUS371 - Talent Management Unit
    MBS535 - Managing, Evaluating and Developing Human Resources Unit
    MBS555 - Human Resource Management Perspectives Unit
    MBS668 - Managing Remuneration, Benefits and Motivation Unit
    MBS688 - Acquisition of Human Resources Unit
    Graduate research students - announcements
    The Accelerated Research Masters with Training is a one-year (36 credit point) research degree that will provide additional choice to students who want to continue their education in research as a pathway to PhD or to upskill for the next stage of their careers.