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  2. Senior Lecturer
    College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education
    9360 7464
    Academic Chair:  
    H1285 - Bachelor of Arts Honours (Psychology) Course
    H1286 - Bachelor of Science Honours (Psychology) Course
    Unit Coordinator:
    PSY380 - Psychology: Psychological Research Placement Unit
    The Centre for Healthy Ageing brings together researchers to investigate novel ways of maintaining quality of life and promoting healthy ageing in older adults.
    Explore the many opportunities available to you through your Honours.
    The Accelerated Research Masters with Training is a one-year (36 credit point) research degree that will provide additional choice to students who want to continue their education in research as a pathway to PhD or to upskill for the next stage of their careers.
    Graduate research students - announcements
  7. 17 Dec 2020: Murdoch researchers are investigating changes that occur in the brain f to inform targeted interventions and improve functional recovery in survivors.
  8. 11 May 2016: Dr Ann-Maree Vallence is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Research Fellow at Murdoch’s School of Psychology and Exercise Science.. ... Dr Vallence will use cutting-edge, non-invasive brain stimulation to characterise


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