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  2. Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology (GradDipClinExPhys)
    This course will give you the skills and ability to develop, implement and manage physical activity and behavioural programs for both healthy clients, and those living with an illness.
    Code: G1073
  3. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Clinical Laboratory Science
    The first step in treating disease is correct medical diagnosis. Be at the front line of health, using technology to analyse and diagnose health issues and lead medical research.
    Code: B1317 B1317A
    Selection Rank: 70
  4. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) + Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BEI)
    If you’d like to make a positive impact in the world by running your own business, creating new opportunities or dreaming up new ideas, this is the course is for you.
    Code: B1364
    Selection Rank: 70
  5. Master of Communication (MCommun)
    Develop the professional and intellectual skills to prepare you for a career in the communication and media industries.
    Code: M1277
  6. Bachelor of Creative Media (BCrMedia) + Bachelor of Communication (BCommun)
    Combine study across the complementary areas of communication and creative media and give yourself a competitive edge.
    Code: B1344
    Selection Rank: 70
  7. Bachelor of Communication Honours (BCommun(Hons))
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your Bachelor of Communication.
    Code: H1269
  8. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Community Development
    In this course you’ll explore how to get people more involved in locally designed projects, experience different examples of community development projects and learn about the history of community work, policy and the diversity of communities.
    Code: B1356
    Selection Rank: 70
  9. Master of Community Development (MCommDev)
    This course provides you with an understanding of the practice of community development, the broad range of settings in which it is carried out, social research methods and social policy forces that impact on practice.
    Code: M1212
  10. Graduate Diploma in Community Development (GradDipCommDev)
    This course is designed to give you specialist knowledge in social research and community participatory methods.
    Code: G1061
  11. Graduate Certificate in Community Development (GradCertCommDev)
    This course will introduce you to community development theory and practice and allow you to develop an understanding of working in conjunction with various industry groups to involve community in finding solutions to complex problems.
    Code: C1107