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    Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching)

    Code: B1368 Selection Rank: 70
    Whether you want to travel the world, coach young people or inspire the next generation of thinkers, this degree will give you valuable experience and a competitive edge to launch your secondary teaching career.
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    Bachelor of Engineering Honours

    Code: H1264 Selection Rank: 80
    In the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) you’ll learn fundamental Engineering knowledge and skills in a degree that has been shaped by industry advice – so you can rest assured you’ll meet employers needs when you graduate.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Engineering Technology

    Code: B1387 Selection Rank: 70
    Do you love bringing complicated ideas to life, exploring how things work, improving processes or simply imagining what's possible? In this degree, you’ll learn how to use and adapt equipment and processes to optimise the use of
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition

    Code: B1389 Selection Rank: 70
    Are you passionate about the role of food in health and wellbeing, human performance and illness prevention? Build your skills in human nutrition bioscience, food science and food biotechnology, nutrition marketing, sports nutrition, food
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Global Security

    Code: B1363 Selection Rank: 70
    Learn the analytical skills, theories and strategies you need to build an exciting career in global security, where every working day will be different.
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    Bachelor of Information Technology

    Code: B1390 Selection Rank: 70
    If you love the idea of a career in computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, games and game engine development, virtual and augmented reality or information systems, this is the qualification you need.
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    Bachelor of Information Technology and Business

    Code: B1375
    Interested in pursuing a career in the fields of business and information technology? Acquire the skills you’ll need to design innovative analysis systems strategies now in high demand across Australia and internationally.
  8. Course

    Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine

    Code: B1374 Selection Rank: 70
    Explore the world of disease in the heart of Murdoch’s health precinct as you develop skills in the handling of patient material, laboratory testing and analysing clinical results.
  9. Course

    Bachelor of Laws

    Code: B1395 Selection Rank: 90
    Want to stand up and defend the rights of others? Gain the experience you need to make a difference in the world and become a lawyer.