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    Bachelor of Agricultural Science

    Code: B1391 Selection Rank: 70
    Gain a regional, national and global perspective on how to address the problem of meeting the food production needs for the world’s ever-growing population.
  2. Course

    Bachelor of Arts

    Code: B1356 Selection Rank: 70
    Develop the kind of communication, creative-thinking and interpersonal skills you can make you highly employable across a range of careers.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

    Code: B1388 Selection Rank: 70
    Love exploring what makes people think and act the way they do? Discover established psychological knowledge and methods of investigation, along with the latest developments and exciting new trends in the field.
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Business

    Code: B1367 Selection Rank: 70
    Whether you have your career path in business mapped out or are still exploring where your passion lies, the Bachelor of Business is the perfect place to start.
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Business Honours

    Code: H1255
    Boost your business expertise, professional skills and future prospects even further by adding a postgraduate qualification to your existing business degree.
  6. Course

    Bachelor of Commerce

    Code: B1392 Selection Rank: 70
    Prepare for the evolving world by studying at a Business School that allows you to complete an undergraduate degree in two years.
  7. Course

    Bachelor of Communication

    Code: B1342 Selection Rank: 70
    The world needs storytellers who can inform, inspire and create change. Learn the professional communication skills you need to make an impact as a communicator in a diverse and digital world.
  8. Course

    Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Creative Media

    Code: B1344 Selection Rank: 70
    Choose a creative field and couple it with an area of communication to graduate with double the amount of career opportunities.
  9. Course

    Bachelor of Communication Honours

    Code: H1269
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your Bachelor of Communication.