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  1. Major

    Tourism and Events

    Code: MJ-TOEA Selection Rank: 70
    If you love the idea of working overseas or as part of our Australian tourism landscape, a degree in Tourism and Events could take you anywhere.
  2. Major

    Sustainable Development

    Code: MJ-SUS Selection Rank: 70
    Learn how to turn your passion for sustainability into a rewarding career where you can make a difference within communities and regions, in Australia and overseas.
  3. Major

    Renewable Energy Engineering

    Code: BH-RENE
    How can you help solve the world’s issues through engineering? As an environmental engineer, you’ll develop solutions to all kinds of environmental problems, such as finding new ways to manage water or developing sustainable energy systems to
  4. Course

    Master of Sustainable Development

    Code: M1214
    Explore leading sustainability practices and policy related to energy, water use, waste, climate change, biodiversity, urban planning and land management, international development and sustainability education.
  5. Course

    Master of Development Studies

    Code: M1195
    Are you ready to make a difference? Build your knowledge and skills to effectively address the development challenges of poverty, inequality and environmental sustainability internationally.
  6. Course

    Master of Community Development

    Code: M1212
    Are you passionate about finding creative solutions to get communities together and involved? This course is for those wanting to make a difference through making changes and setting up projects to make their neighbourhoods better places to be.</p
  7. Course

    Master of Business Administration (Global)

    Code: M1279
    Are you a recent graduate or international student looking to get some experience in the workplace? This course will give you the business knowledge and career management tools you need to succeed in your global business career.
  8. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science

    Code: G1053
    Are you looking to advance your environmental training in specialised fields, or change careers from geology, engineering, zoology, botany or sustainability? Gain skills in environmental monitoring, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote
  9. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Energy and the Environment

    Code: G1062
    Have an impact on Australia’s future energy use and climate change management. Understand the policy context and environmental impacts of energy systems and their assessment and subsequent monitoring.