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  1. Major

    Global Politics and Policy

    Code: MJ-GPOL Selection Rank: 70
    We live, work and learn in a globalised environment where international events influence Australian politics and policy and vice versa. In this course you’ll explore how to deal with complex problems in our diverse and interconnected world.
  2. Major

    Global Business and Politics

    Code: MJ-GBPC Selection Rank: 70
    Interested in how global issues and international politics influence the business and policy decisions which impact our world? This is the course for you.
  3. Major

    Global Politics and Policy

    Code: BH-POL
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your undergraduate Global Politics and Policy course.
  4. Major

    Politics (HASS) Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-POLS Selection Rank: 70
    The political landscape is filled with complex issues and systems. Through this course you will explore the structures and procedures about how different societies function and how citizens exist with them. If you want the kind of career that
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Global Security

    Code: B1363 Selection Rank: 70
    Learn the analytical skills, theories and strategies you need to build an exciting career in global security, where every working day will be different.
  6. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Asian Language (In-country)

    Code: G1072
    What better way to learn a language than living and studying in the country whilst lapping up all the great food and culture? This course allows you to travel and study at one of our partner universities in Japan or Indonesia and further develop
  7. Major

    Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies

    Code: MJ-TCS Selection Rank: 70
    Terrorism impacts the world in challenging and often unexpected ways. In this course, you’ll explore the complex causes of terrorism and political violence, how these issues are shaping the world – and what can be done about it.
  8. Course

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce

    Code: B1371 Selection Rank: 90
    Gain insight into the corporate and business world so you can make better-informed decisions as a legal practitioner.
  9. Major

    Global Challenges

    Code: MJ-GC Selection Rank: 70
    Learn to envision, shape and prepare for future changes in society and industry. This course brings together future forecasting, entrepreneurship and innovation, politics, history, philosophy, economics, sustainability, design and IT to study