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  1. Major

    Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Code: MJ-HTMA Selection Rank: 70
    Want to turn your love of travel and working with people into the kind of career where every day is different? This course will give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need.
  2. Major

    Tourism and Events

    Code: MJ-TOEA Selection Rank: 70
    If you love the idea of working overseas or as part of our Australian tourism landscape, a degree in Tourism and Events could take you anywhere.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Code: B1394 Selection Rank: 70
    If you’d like to make a positive impact in the world by running your own business, creating new opportunities or dreaming up new ideas, this is the course is for you.
  4. Major

    Environmental Management and Sustainability

    Code: MJ-ENVM Selection Rank: 70
    How do we sustain biodiversity and world resources while still creating better environments for people to live? These are the environmental challenges you’ll learn to develop sustainable solutions for.
  5. Major

    Conservation and Wildlife Biology

    Code: MJ-CONS Selection Rank: 70
    Western Australia’s south western region is Australia’s only Global Biodiversity Hotspot. Be part of the next generation working to protect and conserve environments under threat both in Australia and globally.
  6. Major

    Marine Science

    Code: MJ-MRN Selection Rank: 70
    What impact is a warmer climate having on marine ecosystems? This is just one of the many questions you will explore as you learn about the complex physical, chemical and biological interactions within the world’s oceans.
  7. Major

    Marine Biology

    Code: MJ-MRNB Selection Rank: 70
    Learn about the biological foundations of the oceans, the diversity of marine life, and how species interact with the aquatic environment. Explore how humans are impacting the oceans, and the likely response of marine life to climate and