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  1. Major

    Advanced Mathematics Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-AMAS Selection Rank: 70
    Is mathematics one of your passions? If so then the world needs your skills to help teach the future generations – to infuse and enthuse them with a love for the subject.
  2. Course

    Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Teaching)

    Code: B1383 Selection Rank: 70
    Become an expert in play-based learning approaches in the only course in WA where you can graduate qualified to work with and teach children from birth to Year 6.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching)

    Code: B1382 Selection Rank: 70
    A degree in primary teaching can take you anywhere. Our teaching program gives you opportunities to engage with your own love of learning in a range of settings, in Australia or around the world.
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Education (Primary, 1-10 Health and Physical Education)

    Code: B1384 Selection Rank: 70
    Do you want to inspire young people to live healthy, active lives? This course gives you the opportunity to teach primary school students in the classroom and become a Health and Physical Education specialist, teaching from Early Childhood up to
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching)

    Code: B1368 Selection Rank: 70
    Whether you want to travel the world, coach young people or inspire the next generation of thinkers, this degree will give you valuable experience and a competitive edge to launch your secondary teaching career.
  6. Major

    Biology and Environmental Science Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-BEVS Selection Rank: 70
    Ecological diversity from desert to wetlands, here’s your chance to help high school students get excited about science and learn about the world we live in.
  7. Major

    Biology and Human Biology Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-BHBS Selection Rank: 70
    Share your enthusiasm for biological sciences from bacteria to biomes by teaching secondary school students.
  8. Major

    Chemistry Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-CHES Selection Rank: 70
    Incorporate chemical systems, modelling and global research on fuel cells into a qualification for teaching high school Science
  9. Major

    Earth and Environmental Science Major Teaching Area

    Code: MJ-EESS Selection Rank: 70
    Teachers have an opportunity to make a real impact in their students’ lives. With this earth and environmental science teaching qualification, your impact could be global.