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    Bachelor of Communication

    Code: B1342 Selection Rank: 70
    The world needs storytellers who can inform, inspire and create change. Learn the professional communication skills you need to make an impact as a communicator in a diverse and digital world.
  2. Course

    Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Creative Media

    Code: B1344 Selection Rank: 70
    Choose a creative field and couple it with an area of communication to graduate with double the amount of career opportunities.
  3. Course

    Bachelor of Creative Media

    Code: B1343 Selection Rank: 70
    Dive in to the professional side of design, games, apps, videos, documentary, drama, film, television, online or other creative media.
  4. Course

    Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication

    Code: B1396 Selection Rank: 70
    A place where communication and creativity collide. With a strong focus on web analytics and conceptual skills, this three-year integrated degree will prepare you for a rapidly changing world.
  5. Course

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Communication

    Code: B1353 Selection Rank: 90
    Perfect your communication and presentation skills by adding a communication degree to your law studies and gain a competitive edge in your career.
  6. Major

    English and Creative Writing

    Code: BH-ENGL
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your undergraduate English and Creative Writing course.
  7. Major

    English and Creative Writing

    Code: MJ-ECWA Selection Rank: 70
    Use your creative writing skills and love of the English language to tell stories in a range of different contexts and styles.
  8. Major

    Games Art and Design

    Code: MJ-GMAD Selection Rank: 70
    Set yourself up for a career in the games production industry with this tailored course taught by international experts.
  9. Major

    Global Challenges

    Code: MJ-GC Selection Rank: 70
    Learn to envision, shape and prepare for future changes in society and industry. This course brings together future forecasting, entrepreneurship and innovation, politics, history, philosophy, economics, sustainability, design and IT to study