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    Graduate Certificate in Counselling

    Code: C1111
    Are you looking for a career where you can help people through the most difficult times of their lives? Take the first step in developing professional competence for a career in counselling, or to support you in your current role.
  2. Course

    Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Healthcare

    Code: C1154
    As the global population ages, there is a growing demand for health care professionals with gerontological expertise. Take the next step in your health career and develop in-demand, multidisciplinary skills instrumental to healthy ageing.
  3. Course

    Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership

    Code: C1136
    Get the basic skills and expertise you need to become a leader in the ever-evolving and fast-growing health industry. Study how health policy, leadership, management, economics and analytics can bring a positive change to the health ecosystem.
  4. Course

    Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management

    Code: C1116
    Build quality leadership and management skills to progress your career in the health care industry.
  5. Course

    Graduate Certificate in Systems Medicine

    Code: C1152
    Systems medicine is the basis of future healthcare strategies. In this Graduate Certificate course, you will develop an introductory understanding for systems medicine and gain practical experience from researchers at the forefront of the
  6. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Counselling

    Code: G1055
    This practical course will provide the opportunity to expand your understanding of the counselling relationship and develop professional skills for a career in counselling.
  7. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapies

    Code: G1081
    Learn how the creative arts – from drama and movement to painting and poetry, and even simply listening to music – can offer healing benefits when navigating difficult personal experiences or trauma.
  8. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Psychology

    Code: G1058
    If you’ve already completed an accredited three-year undergraduate degree in psychology, this course will meet the fourth-year accreditation component required to register as a provisional psychologist in Australia.
  9. Course

    Graduate Diploma in Systems Medicine

    Code: G1089
    In this course you will learn to apply theoretical knowledge and gain further practical experience in several of the techniques commonly used in systems medicine. You will grow your research skills and develop your own research proposal under the