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  2. Master of Applied Psychology (MAppPsych) (Clinical Psychology)
    This course aims to develop psychologists skilled in individual casework who can apply their skills to prevention, research, development, and evaluation at the individual and system levels.
    Code: M1156
  3. Master of Applied Psychology (Professional) (MAppPsych(Professional))
    This course provides a new postgraduate career option for Psychologists in Australia moving toward registration and psychological practice.
    Code: M1238
  4. Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology (GradDipClinExPhys)
    This course will give you the skills and ability to develop, implement and manage physical activity and behavioural programs for both healthy clients, and those living with an illness.
    Code: G1073
  5. Graduate Diploma in Consultancy Psychology (GradDipConsultPsych)
    Get the skills and knowledge in organisational psychology and consulting practice needed to become a consultant to business and other organisations.
    Code: G1057
  6. Bachelor of Criminology (BCrim) + Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology
    Enhance your skills and expand your range of employment opportunities with our combined criminology and psychology degree.
    Code: B1347
    Selection Rank: 70
  7. Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)
    Combine professional accreditation as a Clinical psychologist via a program of structured learning with a comprehensive research program undertaken over at least two years of the qualification.
    Code: D1073
  8. Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)
    This is an intensive three and a half year professional research degree consisting of seminars, supervised practical work and applied research.
    Code: D1063
  9. Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc(Hons)) in Exercise Physiology
    This is an additional year of study designed to further the knowledge you’ve developed throughout your undergraduate Exercise Physiology course.
    Code: H1257
  10. Graduate Certificate in Human Resources and Safety (GradCertHRS)
    This course is relevant to those wishing to apply knowledge of organisational psychology in business, industrial and other organisational contexts.
    Code: C1114
  11. Master of Applied Psychology (MAppPsych) + Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    This course combines thorough professional training in a chosen area of specialisation with the high level of research training associated with doctoral-level studies.
    Code: D1067 M1156 M1157